01 December 2010

words of wisdom

The most romantic story isn't Romeo and Juliet died together but my Grandpa and Grandma grew old together.

29 November 2010

10 November 2010


Oh. I've read a few blogs and I have to conclude that most of the blogs are obsessive in any ways.
From lover, shopping, pets or anything.
I should not judge those bloggers.
But sometimes, let loose.
Frankly speaking to those who can't get away from the EX memories.
C'mon. Ex is meant to be ex. They move on, so do we. Just remember that the person in front of you love you the most than your ex. Remember that!

26 October 2010

Haunted - Taylor Swift (LYRICS!)

You and I walk a fragile line
I have known it all this time
But I never thought I'd live to see it break
It's getting dark and its all too quiet
And I can't trust anything now
And its comin' over you like its all a big mistake

Holding my breathe, won't lose you again
Something's made your eyes go cold

Come on, come on don’t leave me like this
I thought I had you figured out
Something's gone terribly wrong, your all I wanted
Come on, come on don’t leave me like this
I thought I had you figured out
Can’t breathe whenever you’re gone
Can’t turn back now, I’m haunted

[Verse 2]
Stood there and watched you walk away
From everything we had
But I still mean every word I say to you
He will try to take away my pain
And he just might make me smile
But the whole time I'm wishin he was you instead

Oh, oh, holding my breath, won't see you again
Something keeps me holding on to nothing

Come on, come on don’t leave me like this
I thought I had you figured out
Something's gone terribly wrong, your all I wanted
Come on, come on don’t leave me like this
I thought I had you figured out
Can’t breathe whenever you’re gone
Can’t turn back now, I’m haunted

I know, I know, I just know
You're not gone, you can't be gone

Come on, come on don’t leave me like this
I thought I had you figured out
Something's gone terribly wrong
Won't finish what you started
Come on, come on don't leave me like this
I thought I had you figured out
Can’t breathe whenever you’re gone can’t go back
I’m haunted

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
You and I walk a fragile line
I have known it all this time
Never ever thought I'd see it break
Never thought I'd see it

24 October 2010

How to get over you.

I don't have idea at all. Maybe we're destined together. Or maybe we're just a part of the liar game. Sigh.

22 October 2010

Vulgar smell

He's been a friend to us for more than a year. However, recently a few months ago, we started to talk behind his back. The main topic usually about his odor. He has these defensive smell that no one can stand.
His hygiene is super poor! It is odd when you go to bathroom and take your shower without a soap in your hand. As I observed these days, he rarely brush his teeth. I know you've been hiding from us that you have this kind of illness involving your gum but that alone doesn't mean that you need not to take care of your dental hygiene. We haven't seen you wash your clothes.
We never know what may happen in future. But please take a little time of your life and thinking of your hygiene. No woman,yes no woman will stand for the defensive smell that comes from you. Don't you want to get married in future?
We are trying our hardest to let you know. It seems that doesn't work anymore. You are a super sensitive guy! How on earth are we going to change you?!

15 October 2010


should I or shouldn't I buy a new iPhone?
I've owned an iPhone 3G.


14 October 2010

Reality hurts.

I have been facing through a lot of rejections.
It is hurt. I try to ignore the pain. It still hurts tho.
I believe someone has the same experiences as I do.
It is odd when you love someone, unfortunately your love aren't answered.
Love being unfair on one side.

04 October 2010


Stay put? The love will fade away.
Stay interact? To spice up the love.
You'll know by experience. 

01 October 2010


I've been waiting for this movie for so long. I still remember those days. the preview was so good till I was dying to watch it.

But in the end, there is no magic in Magika. I felt disappointed after 'wasting' almost 2 hours in the cinema. The actress was a statue! the main actor, shit I am so not into this guy.
But specially regards to Puteri Gunung Ledang and her Mamanda, they made it thru! ;)
The coordination of the songs are good but sometimes less is better.

My personal rating: 3.5 star.

29 September 2010

17th Syawal 1431

Open house. My open house! It was a great,fun,food-ish thingy! Thanks for those who came by.
Appreciated much.

16 September 2010


I have no place in your heart kan love?

15 September 2010


I felt the pain almost everyday. Took 2 tabs of Ponstan 250mg..It didn't work well...
Antibiotics course almost finished though it is for 2-week consumption.
Last night ( 14/9), the pain was so severe till I need to take 4 tabs of Ponstan.
The pain did kacau my sleep time.
Shit oh?! I know~!

13 September 2010



It happened few months ago after chewing some keropok during my leisure time in B110. KRAAAKKKK!!! A small piece of broken tooth spitted out. I thought it would be okay without seeing the dentist.
BUT! A few weeks after the incident, especially after meal there was shooting, sharp pain graded 7 on pain score.
Lame. whatever.
The pain worsened through time.
I couldn't bear the pain though.
I told my mom. She advised me to visit the dentist.
I didn't want to at first..but as the pain persisted and interrupting my routine, I decided to pay a visit to the dentist.
Well, as lame as ever..the dentist consulted to 'tampal' the gigi but as he looked through my busuk mouth, he intended to pluck the rotten tooth.
Nasib badan.
No pain at first few hours.

then, the most terrible thing happened.
I thought post extraction pain will be there for few hours.
It persisted for more than a few days and it does interrupting my routine. More severe than what had happen before. GRRRRR.....
I need voltaren instead of ponstan...Anyone? :(

21 August 2010

Huh 2

If I have the power to change someone's blog to my book, I'll do it by now.

19 August 2010

Allergy rhinitis

As stated. Ugh.

Mucous salivating the upper part of nasolabial.
It drains into the mouth.
It tastes a bit funny too.

18 August 2010


August 18th 2010.
Nothing spectacular happened.
Same old same old.

I've quoted this from one of my colleagues.
Self-centered buffoons. Do they exist?

17 August 2010

Another Huh?

" What come one after another? It's your attitude"


“ I think I’m afraid to be happy because whenever I get too happy, something bad always happens. ”

11 August 2010

Tropical Fruits Feast.

I haven't put up a post since last week since I was been busy with classes and tutorials. Lame for a damp life of a medical student. Oh anyway, Jashimah has invited me and our medical colleagues to her house and threw a fruit party. Haha. Jashimos, it's been an eye opening to me to come to your house again for the next season and I'll rake those fruits till the end! haha.
It took me about half an hour to be at her house. It's in Beranang, really approaching Negeri Sembilan as I can see the signboard "Welcome to Seremban" while I was driving. Kampung house very self explanatory.;) Pic : Look at those ripening rambutans on the tree! Very gastonomic experience! ;)

02 August 2010

Miranda Cosgrove - Kissin' U

Cute sangat lagu ni.;)

Thank you mate

Sometimes, I feel guilty for whatever reason I had done in the past. Hmm...

31 July 2010


After a hectic week in the hospital, I reclaimed myself a two-day rest at home. awwwhh. Isn't it the best moment ever to be with family especially siblings? ;)
I downloaded few games for iPhone and PSP. I haven't play games for some time. Thanks to my busiest schedule.;p
To my surprise, I never know that iTunes offer a lot of games. Oh thanks iTunes for making me happy these day. ;D

30 July 2010

Favourite Qoute

A dick has a sad life. his hair is a mess. his family is nuts. his neighbor's an asshole, his bestfriend's a pussy.


I surrender myself when it comes to love.

26 July 2010


Over the years, no one was trying to intimidate me with those uncivilized, cretin words. Yet, till date. Until there was one night, everything seems blurred. Damn, I should not blame the individual person. My anger was directed towards him. Argh. I shall not be nice to those bitches with mulut busuk *what did you guys eat after all until you vomited all unfriendly words to the person?*
Damn. Life being unfair to me and to the specific man. Argh!!!!


It wasn't the best day I've had so far. Oh, I wish this week finish as it supposed to be.

25 July 2010

Updating firmware

I've been using firmware 3.0 since I bought my iPhone 3G.
Damn.I felt old tetibe.ahaha.
I tried to update it to thelatest firmware 4.0 but after several trials, I got fed up and update it to 3.1.2.Ugh.
I did it well.Lucky me.haha.;p

Voila..a precious comeback!

It has been two years since I posted a blog. I'm quite busy with myself and study..Duh~..
I didn't expect that I grew up with the existence of this blog.haha. Oh.I'm in the state of denial.haha.
Thanks to someone for waking me up from my deep sleep. Iszarul...I met him cyber-tically* It is meant for Facebook.Current obsession* hehe. He told me that I have a blog..I was like Huh? Did I?
Lol...thanks isz.
Anyway, this is the start of a new day.;)
I am sooooo going to post a lot of things in here. Later.