29 September 2010

17th Syawal 1431

Open house. My open house! It was a great,fun,food-ish thingy! Thanks for those who came by.
Appreciated much.

16 September 2010


I have no place in your heart kan love?

15 September 2010


I felt the pain almost everyday. Took 2 tabs of Ponstan 250mg..It didn't work well...
Antibiotics course almost finished though it is for 2-week consumption.
Last night ( 14/9), the pain was so severe till I need to take 4 tabs of Ponstan.
The pain did kacau my sleep time.
Shit oh?! I know~!

13 September 2010



It happened few months ago after chewing some keropok during my leisure time in B110. KRAAAKKKK!!! A small piece of broken tooth spitted out. I thought it would be okay without seeing the dentist.
BUT! A few weeks after the incident, especially after meal there was shooting, sharp pain graded 7 on pain score.
Lame. whatever.
The pain worsened through time.
I couldn't bear the pain though.
I told my mom. She advised me to visit the dentist.
I didn't want to at first..but as the pain persisted and interrupting my routine, I decided to pay a visit to the dentist.
Well, as lame as ever..the dentist consulted to 'tampal' the gigi but as he looked through my busuk mouth, he intended to pluck the rotten tooth.
Nasib badan.
No pain at first few hours.

then, the most terrible thing happened.
I thought post extraction pain will be there for few hours.
It persisted for more than a few days and it does interrupting my routine. More severe than what had happen before. GRRRRR.....
I need voltaren instead of ponstan...Anyone? :(