29 May 2008


i am so relieved now.from what had happened few days back.there's no word can describe my feeling now.reconciliation maybe the best word indeed.it's hard to imagine to live without him and him.gawd i am so grateful for giving me the best friends ever.i wont do the same mistakes..again.i love both of them much more.
well i am going to meet them today.you totally have to look at my facial expression.undeniable..i am smiling..looking like a clown though.but whatever..the fact is i am going to meet them.:)
more or less they have been with me for 11 years.up and down happy and sad moment.they are with me no matter what happen.
thanks for fill in the blanks after what had happened between us guys.love you so much.more than everything ^_____________________________^

25 May 2008


For these past few days,i was in denial and still the feeling goes on and on.
Keep me away from what i am supposed to do.It is hard to put in in words.
What have i done?Why denial has to appear in my routine all of sudden?
Peer pressure plus everything occurs in my life recently make me wonder of one thing.
Do i love myself..yet?anymore? or no more?
Did they have ever wrongly done to me?
or it is just me?I'm too skeptical.
no words.
no tears.
no things...

24 May 2008

It's been awhile.
I'm here for a reason.Having said, I'm here for anything,something and everything.
Hard to explain in words.

Well less crap-py sentences.
Monday is the blue day.Is that the right saying?lol
I hate Monday so does everyone.It's the first day after resting awhile at weekend.
My lectures start on Monday.Which is on Monday.
Why did the Romanian create the day called Monday?Wonder why the day called Monday?
Doesn't it sound so cracky enough to call it as Mourn-day?lol

Psychotic Imsoniac!
I was describing myself..for real!

22 May 2008


I won't consider my trip to Melaka as a vacation to me.I'm here to be with my beloved best friend forever ( bff ). He's facing lots of problems recently and i hope i'm here to be wit him, at least.
It is not my right to talk about his problems. More or less, I have learned that I do not put on my trust on people easily.

trust me.more dramas will come over me.

21 May 2008


I dont think that i'm still closeted. my friends and even public may know me who i am. They have been the most graceful and merciful judges. They know me from my appearances, attitude and my personality.
Being in this kind of situation makes me more careful with surroundings. I'm not that perfect to judge peeps but then who i am to stop them from being such predicamental institution.
I love watching hotties especially boys. They somehow have the aura that make not only me but other peeps looking at them too. To top on that, I'll be fantasizing beyond the horizon post.haha.im such a loser.Sometimes i wonder how are they feeling to be such in so-called perfect situation with perfect faces and everything looks perfect on them.Frankly speaking, I did ask one of my colleagues and he/she never claimed that the he/she a hottie. they are just normal being like everyone else.BUT doesnt it make you guys thinking tht they have the attention..they dont need it but they have it.right?

ive got to go.i'll be posting more bout myself later.
see you again:)

20 May 2008

First post

it is my first post in blogspot. and it is my first time to be a blogger with the help of my current situation.
i need not to explain further bout myself.most of you know me more than i do:)
owh yeah.
please add me in myspace:www.myspace.com/hehe_theeye

facebook : fazrulshafiq@gmail.com

thanks in advance.
by the way.i'll be talking more and more in here.
wish me luck in future:)