31 July 2010


After a hectic week in the hospital, I reclaimed myself a two-day rest at home. awwwhh. Isn't it the best moment ever to be with family especially siblings? ;)
I downloaded few games for iPhone and PSP. I haven't play games for some time. Thanks to my busiest schedule.;p
To my surprise, I never know that iTunes offer a lot of games. Oh thanks iTunes for making me happy these day. ;D

30 July 2010

Favourite Qoute

A dick has a sad life. his hair is a mess. his family is nuts. his neighbor's an asshole, his bestfriend's a pussy.


I surrender myself when it comes to love.

26 July 2010


Over the years, no one was trying to intimidate me with those uncivilized, cretin words. Yet, till date. Until there was one night, everything seems blurred. Damn, I should not blame the individual person. My anger was directed towards him. Argh. I shall not be nice to those bitches with mulut busuk *what did you guys eat after all until you vomited all unfriendly words to the person?*
Damn. Life being unfair to me and to the specific man. Argh!!!!


It wasn't the best day I've had so far. Oh, I wish this week finish as it supposed to be.

25 July 2010

Updating firmware

I've been using firmware 3.0 since I bought my iPhone 3G.
Damn.I felt old tetibe.ahaha.
I tried to update it to thelatest firmware 4.0 but after several trials, I got fed up and update it to 3.1.2.Ugh.
I did it well.Lucky me.haha.;p

Voila..a precious comeback!

It has been two years since I posted a blog. I'm quite busy with myself and study..Duh~..
I didn't expect that I grew up with the existence of this blog.haha. Oh.I'm in the state of denial.haha.
Thanks to someone for waking me up from my deep sleep. Iszarul...I met him cyber-tically* It is meant for Facebook.Current obsession* hehe. He told me that I have a blog..I was like Huh? Did I?
Lol...thanks isz.
Anyway, this is the start of a new day.;)
I am sooooo going to post a lot of things in here. Later.